Pointing Fingers

Being accused of a crime
That you did not commit
Comes with a terrible feeling

You’re innocent
You’re sure of it
Yet the pointing finger tears you down

The blame
The people not believing you
The accusations of being a liar

It eats away at you
Eats away till you feel bad
Feel like you did something wrong

Why does this happen to me?
Will anyone hear my side
Stop talking and JUST LISTEN!

You’re poking me with your finger
Beating me with your accusations
Killing me with your words

Things were starting to make sense
Starting to fall in place
And now this?

I did nothing wrong
I have no reason to worry
Yet I still shake

I’ve seen the documentaries
The ones that show an innocent man
Confess guilt to be free of the pain

They won’t break me
Though my pain is strong
I will not move

I stand on the truth
And the truth alone
This truth shall set me free

One breath at a time
Hours just feel like hours
Minutes tick at their steady pace

The world is still
But I still shake
My body can’t take this

I shake with anger
I shake with frustration
I shake to hold back the words “Why Don’t You Guys Just UNDERSTAND?”


It hurts!!!
Because I KNOW the truth
The truth they refuse to believe

They want a fight
They want to break me down
But if I stay true to myself, they never will

So keep pointing your fingers
And pressing them into my skin
Trying to push for the false words you want to hear

I am innocent
And you can tear me down bit by bit
But I know the TRUTH and I will NOT fall!


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